How do I make a permanent event across all servers?

Hello everyone! I don’t know if this will make any sense, but I want to try to make something like this or this or this (yes I am a beginner scripter:,)) basically a game where you can spend robux to place something permanent that syncs across all servers in seconds.
I have no clue how to script it, though. I assume I could make a script that somehow, when someone buys a certain product, the event runs across all servers with


But make it… global? Make it run across all servers I guess? And ModelID would have to be the player’s avatar (like a statue game, but if it’s impossible to determine a player’s avatar like that, maybe different types of rocks or something)

Extra notes

I don’t want to hire someone, but I don’t know if I can get these creators to help me. Honestly, I might be able to figure out instance.New but I am not sure how to make it global.

Anyone able to help me?

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Is it possible that you could use cross-server messaging to tell any other server a change has taken place where the subscribing servers would process the message and take action you require.
Perhaps just a simple change like a change in colour of an object which is in every server.
Setting up the test scenario would be an interesting challenge.
Link for cross-server messaging:

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MessagingService is what you want to use, however you should be aware that if MessagingService is down the player would be spending their Robux on nothing. You should wrap MessagingService:PublishAsync() in a pcall. If the pcall returns an unsuccessful message, you should store the players purchase in a Datastore and retry it periodically or when the player rejoins. Another way to do this is to give the player a button on the screen that pushes this request, that way the player has control over this event.

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