How do I make a pet follow you?


I am making a simulator game and am now onto the pet stage, I am a beginner scripter and don’t know how to script pet’s.

I have tried a solution of watching a YouTube video but that did not work.

If anyone could help that would be great!

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Hello, have you tried to CFrame the pet’s Primary Part to the player ? Although it wouldn’t be very realistic it would be simple to make.

Hey thanks for replying, I am a beginner scripter so am struggling to know what you mean, would that be a CFrame value inside the pet, I don’t really know a lot about CFrames?

I meant that you could physically change the pet’s Primary Part CFrame to the player’s HumanoidRootPart CFrame then adjust to make the pet behind the player.

This is what’s inside the pet’s primary part right now, if this helps, sorry I’m new to scripting, I’m not very experienced with CFrames.

So if head is the main part then you could just set the model’s primary part to Head. (Oops i misread)

As long as anything except head is unanchored it should be fine.

Yes, the head is now the primary part of the model.

Now you need help with CFrame? Yes?

Yes, that would be great if you could help with that. :))

First the simplest thing to do is to set the Model PrimaryPart CFrame to the player’s HumanoidRootPart CFrame.
You should probably loop this in your way.

Sorry, how would I do that? Where would I find the CFrame?

CFrame is a property of any basepart just like Position.

I’m sorry, I’m really struggling with this, I have no idea about CFrames.

You can set a Part’s CFrame like Position. Example: Part.CFrame = Part2.CFrame. (But this is with Head and HumanoidRootPart)

And is that in a script? The script is mainly what I’m struggling with.

Do you have a script that clones the pet to the player?

Not yet no, I haven’t started the script yet.

The question is how does the player get possession of this pet? Since this pet needs an owner to actually follow anybody.

The owner will be whoever buys the pet or earns it, the game I’m making is called “Burger Smashing Simulator” and you have to have a certain amount of cash to get the pet, if that’s what you meant?