How do I make a Rhythm game like Guitar Hero?

I’ve been an avid fan for Rhythm games and the one that always has taken my interest was Guitar Hero, I know exactly the concept I have to run on, such as pressing the Green button to highlight green then preforming an up-strum or down-strum that’s the easy part. My true problem is figuring out, in what why I can actually have the note detect itself in the hitbox. In Guitar Hero, the note’s hitbox lies in the notes that display that your holding the chord down.

I really don’t know where to start on this project honestly and I don’t know if I would able to complete it at all but I want to start somewhere such as making the highway actually work with the notes and the only problem I can see myself doing is the actual hitbox itself. I would be greatly thankful if someone can meaningfully explain this to me. Thanks!


unfortunately roblox doesn’t have FFT for seeing volume of different frequencies, however using HTTP service I think you might be able to send songs to your own website in the URL of the HTTP post and have the website send back the pitch data etc and work with it in the roblox engine then.


I’m confused what your saying, I asked how would I detect if a note enters a hit box and checks if the note was in there when an action, in this case, strumming, has been done. I’m not talking anything about songs.

Sorry if I somehow confused you.

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Ah, well if you’re representing Notes with parts, then you can use the Note’s position with an if statement, It’d be a good idea to make it easy to know which string a note is on, so when you create notes, as you’ll be positioning them on strings you may as well put a StringValue or smth similar inside the Note part.

If you’re using OOP for the programming then you can just make it a property in the constructor.

RoBeats, an MMO rhythm game, might have what you’re looking for. The game seems to follow the concepts of Guitar Hero at least in the style of its gameplay mechanics. It’d probably closer resemble what osu! mania is though.

The developers have open sourced the game code for RoBeats so that you’re able to create maps for the game. The intention of having the game source code uncopylocked is to allow other developers and mappers alike to contribute to RoBeats by submitting their own songs and maps to be played at RoBeats. For the keen developer, it can also be used as a learning resource.

Here is the mapping place:


Thanks! After playing around with that, I think I found the general idea on what to do, I’ve even played around with it too see if I can get 5 highway lanes instead of four. Turns out, you can. I’m greatly thankful for your help!