How do I make a roblox game Look realistic

How can I make my Roblox Shooter game look realistic, And what are some ways to make Lights look realistic in and outside smokey areas?


you can go to lighting and add blur, sunrays effect, bloom and depth of field in camera

if you want to see more you can simple go here: Post-Processing Effects | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


My way:

I make realistic builds using Roblox’s ParticleEmitter system, it is a great system to make good effects and realistic environment

I sound like Dani XD

Probably the best way:

Look around you, and try to catch the realistic feel of the game.


The future lighting gives more of a realistic feel to the game, also make sure you have a lot of details and the right materials.

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Mess around with Lighting effects and properties, such as ColorCorrection and SunRays. I’d suggest to have a high graphics setting in Studio to get the realistic feel. Do this by doing Alt + S > Rendering.

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