How Do I Make A Save a Map that a Player Made and make it a Place?

Hello fellow Developers! I am making a game that has inspiration from Create A Cart Ride! and I want to make a system where the player makes a map and then it saves when they press a TextButton and then it shows on a GUI in the main game. I have no idea where to start and all I know is, it should be in ServerScriptService.

To save something the player places, you would need to encode their placements into a string, which is later decoded to load everything. You can initially save it as a table then use HTTPService:JSONEncode and HTTPService:JSONDecode to change that into a string and back.

How would I do that? Like how would I use JSONDecode and JSONEncode?

local TABLE = { 
 ["A5"] = 15,
 ["A6"] = 12
}  -- Table you want to save

local HTTPService = game:GetService("HTTPService")
local Encoded = HTTPService:JSONEncode(TABLE) -- Turns it into a string

local Decoded = HTTPService:JSONDecode(Encoded) -- Turns it back into a table