How do I make a Shooter game that has a lobby with a few maps,

I’ve been trying to find out how to make a game a teamdeath match game with 75 kills for a team to win and teleport everyone back to lobby, and to teleport people to one of a few maps i’ve created. Can anyone help?

This is a really loaded question. Scripting support is for issues that need to be fixed and small tips, not massive How-To’s. Start with the basics and build up!

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I’ve made all the maps, now I must make the scripts

If you’ve never scripted before, you need to start from the absolute beginning. Shooters are very complicated.

If you like videos
If you like articles

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Alright, I’ll look at those videos, Hopefully I find one for this.

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Awesome, if it helps be sure to mark the solution!

If you don’t have enough basic understandings of scripting, I recommend you NOT to make this topic. You should know that you must know some basic understandings of scripting before you make a post on devforum. If you don’t know how to solve and fix bugs, you can make a post about it.

That’s not really true as yea, the pinned post here says don’t ask people to build entire scripts/systems for you, but we can ask for starters and build our way from there, like what services we should, what functions that can help us, etc