How do I make a slide where the player automatically moves without using Humanoid.Sit?

I’m currently making a slide for my game. I want the player to move forward automatically and still have control of their character. I can not use .Sit because at one point the player needs to make a choice.

I have tried using BodyVelocity but I can’t seem to make the player go in the right direction.

If you apply a velocity value to an anchored part(A). When an unanchored part(B) touches that part(A) it will move according to the velocity of that part(A). Then all you need to do is a set a sitting animation on the player. You can try this and see how it works for you.

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I’m trying to do this without using a sitting animation and instead make the player move forward without having to do anything.

I don’t understand, with Humanoid.Sit, you won’t have control of your character anyway

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You play a sitting animation automatically when they “touch” the slide. The player doesn’t have to do anything. If its not like a traditional slide but more along the lines of a conveyor then just don’t play the sitting animation. I only suggested the sitting animation because you mentioned it was a slide. Seems odd to stand up while going down a slide.

I guess I’ll try using a free model conveyor. Didn’t think of that.
Some games make you stand up while sliding and make you have a choice like this:


Yup. Honestly there are many ways you could go about this sort of thing. Personally I would go for some sort of hidden vehicle so I could easily bypass default character controls. This would allow you greater precision of player control when doing something like you have mentioned. But it is more complicated, you would need to calculate your own forces and utilize a vectorForce object.


I’m trying to do the same. Will WalkToPoint or WalkToPart work if I try to reach a specific point (in this case, the end of the slide)?

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