How do I make a smooth part movement that includes slow motion?


So what I’d like to create is a part that moves to a desired position and while the part is moving, it gets slower and slower and some time ahead it will stop in the final position.

I have no idea where to start. :sob:

Basically what it should look like is a part that starts at the green part and moves a bit fast and then gets slower until it stops at the red part. I do not want to use tweening since it feels wrong…


Just make a while loop, count each moment it loops, and on whatever interval you decide, decrease the amount of studs it goes.

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ok thank you very much @Isenashi

Why does Tweening feel wrong? It has different EasingStyles that accomplish that same speed change.

Is the item a platform that a player will interact with? If you CFrame it the player will just slide off it.
You can also fix that by tweening a Part and welding another Unanchored Part to it as the player platform.

Another option is to use a PrismaticConstraint and change the LinearResponsiveness to get the reducing speed effect.


I just feel like it’s a little weird since you can’t really make it change it’s course in between like lerping.

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