How do i make a StarterCharacter Assigned to a Specific team?

I have been trying to create a Specific StarterCharacter For Each team but when the team is changed the charater doesn’t change. I need help. How can i do this here is the script.

The script:

if player.TeamColor ==“Persimmon”) then

  		local astro = game.ServerStorage.Astronaut:Clone()
  		astro.Name = ("StarterCharacter")
  		astro.Parent = game.StarterPlayer

elseif player.TeamColor ==“Really blue”) then

  		local cop = game.ServerStorage.DeputyCop:Clone()
  		cop.Name = ("StarterCharacter")
  		cop.Parent = game.StarterPlayer


How can i do this?


tl;dr set character property yourself, or use humanoid descriptions

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Thanks Alot it worked After reading some other posts and playing around a bit

i’m having a different problem, but i can’t post my own so i’m gonna say it here. I need seperate StarterCharacters to have different tools, but i’m not sure how to do it

I’m using this in my new game when the startercharacter is changed use. HumanoidDescription. Together with that fire a remote event to change tools! hope this helps

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