How do I make a tool inventory?

Hello, I am currently working on an inventory for my game but I don’t know how to make a button that when pressed puts the selected tool into the player’s hot bar then then moves itself to another frame then after it is in the other frame when it is pressed it removes the tool from the player’s hot bar then moves back to its original position in its original frame. I could really use some help.


You could make this by taking and putting the tool image in the other frame when the player clicks it using ImageButton.MouseButton1Click. To put a tool in a player’s hotbar, put it in the player’s Backpack, which is a child of the player. tool.Parent = player.Backpack

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do you know where I would store the tool?

I assume you mean storing the tool before the player equips it. You should store it in ServerStorage. When you take it out and put it in the player’s backpack, remember to :Clone() so that it can be equipped by multiple people.

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