How do I make a Tornado Formation

Currently I am working on another Tornado game. What I’m trying to achieve is a tornado Formation animation that plays when the tornado is about the form in the spot that it will form in.

I haven’t been able to find out how to do this because of how obscure tornadoes are in the toolbox and in general

The script I have for when a tornado “Forms” is this

		EF5.Parent = workspace -- "Forms"
		Status.Value = "An EF5 has formed!"
		GamemodesGui.RetroNews.Value = false
		GamemodesGui.NormalStatus.Value = true
		GamemodesGui.Timer.Value = true
		Cloud.Parent = workspace
		for i = 120, 0, -1 do
			Timer.Value = i
		EF5.Parent = game.ServerStorage.Tornadoes -- Goes away

If someone could help explain what I would need to do that would be great!

Assuming the tornado is a MeshPart, you can try to interpolate its size to your liking.

Do this
For I = 0,1000,10 do
MeshPart.Size =,I,500)
MeshPart.Position =,1000+I/2*-1,0)