How do I make a view model, but custom to whatever the players wearing as a package

How do you make it so the viewmodel changes to the players package, the fe gun kit view model only shows a forced view model, and not a variety from the users package, what I mean by this is when you zoom in, it’s not the same view model, the view model shows your arms to whatever the players avatar is wearing, I want the view model to be the same as the user’s package, and not be a forced view model, I’ve tried looking everywhere. I don’t know how people are doing this, but I need it for my game, please help! Thanks.



I’m not going to give you the Code (for Obvious Reasons), as i would Reccommend you follow this Tutorial,

To put it simply, you have only a Torso in a Viewmodel, and you will Apply your Characters Motor6D's from Players Torso to the Viewmodel’s Torso, and vice versa


Hope this helps

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How do you add the aiming to the gun though?

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Watch the Tutorial :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

he pretty much says to use animations rather than using an AimPart

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I want the viewmodel to be the same like arsenal where you can zoom in from the gun where the aim part is in direction with the pistol, and not just a aim where u right click and zooms ur camera in and that’s it

Arsenal uses (You called them “forced viewmodel”)

The Players rig is R15 while the Viewmodel is R6

Yeah I know I just want the aim like arsenal, but not have a forced view model is what I’m trying to say, sorry

You can use
local char = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character
local rarm = char.RightArm
local larm = char.LeftArm

and then add the parts that are on the arms to the view model. It’s not the most efficient way but it gets the job done.

I’ll give the viewmodel script when I get home.

Because of viewmodel cloning from ReplicatedStorage, i suggest using EasyFirstPerson with non-vm version instead of my viewmodel version, Viewmodel prefers to set it as block only as it’s how every standard of roblox FPS should be.

How exactly would I do that… Can you provide an example? Redwood prison reworked did this and I thought it was impossible, and I have no clue how they’ve did it I want it so any package you’re wearing you can go in first person and still aim like how in third person viewmodel, but there’s no actual viewmodel it’s just ur avatars hands in whatever package you’re wearing if that makes sense

I’m late as hell, but what you can do is clone the player’s arms CharacterMesh, and set it at the player’s viewmodel.