How do i make a waiting for players script?

I want to make a waiting for players script, so, when all the players in a group in a different game are teleported to the game, the game will start, but i don’t know how to do it, thanks for reading. :+1:


If the two games are in the same universe, then you can pass a table with all the players’ names to the other game and wait until all the players from that table joined.

Yeah, but now, if someone leaves before/after teleporting??

You could wait, say, 15 seconds and if the player didn’t join, just assume that they left and start the game.

I’m pretty sure this would be a pretty poor solution, considering people don’t have the same connection times.

But how do I send a table with the players?

You could use data store or I guess messaging service to send over a table of players to the another place as long as this other place is under the same game as the first one.

You can use TeleportData for this.
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Honesty waiting would not be a bad solution considering if your not in the game within 30 seconds you should not be playing anyway

I didn’t understand the page…

Here are some example scripts: