How do I make a winner on a 1v1 teleport back to the lobby?

Im making a 1v1 type game and when they teleport to the map when there’s 1 player remaining I want it to say who won and Teleport them back to the lobby I’ve been thinking Ng for so long about it and I’m not sure how to I need lots of help please

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Assuming the spawns are at the lobby, you can just do Player:LoadCharacter() to instantly respawn them.

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But I want the winner to get teleported so when there’s the last one Left they get teleported back to the lobby

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check how many people are in the 1v1, if it is == to 1 then set the humanoidrootpart position to the lobby spawns

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My solution to this, if it’s within the same game, is to parent both of the players characters to a folder, name Competing or something, and then if the number of characters inside that folder is 1, then you can get the children of the folder, and get the player name from there and give the winner 50 points or whatever and implement your custom teleport logic.

I know your getting fed up with me and I don’t want any script because I’m trying to improve but how do I make it check how many people are Just in the mini game not the whole mini game?

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Im not fed up with you, just saying. :smile:

Also, you could just do


Or try:

local num = game.Players:GetPlayers()
print (#num)
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Can you please tell me what that does Like how it works?

It just gets the number of players in game.Players and prints it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How to I make it parent to that folder when teleported does when they get teleported to the game they get put in to the folder “competing” then I think I know what to do?

Also wouldn’t I have to make players move to a folder call it competing because then the rest of the script won’t really work but I don’t know how to make okayers move to folders and things