How do I make all audios the same volume?

I know you can use a CompressorSoundEffect but I don’t understand the properties. I was hoping someone can explain it to me. I’ve read the wiki for it, however I’m still confused.

Turn the volume down or up under properties in studio

This is for a music player in my game where players can enter any ID they want.

Having it at a set volume doesn’t necessarily make all audios the same volume which is why I’m using a CompressorSoundEffect.

If it is a music player lets say it is in a car then you add a volume bar in the GUI

The issue with having a volume bar is that players can abuse it and play extremely loud audio.

you can just loop through all the children and set their volume to any number you want

You could set it in the code for the GUI that it only goes to lets say 30% volume

Even if all audios have the same volume property in roblox, audios can still be louder/quieter than others. A CompressorSoundEffect eliminates this issue but I just don’t know how to use them.

it should be play back volume you can see that in the properties of the volume

I have tried using PlaybackLoudness but, it just constantly returns 0.

This is all the properties explained of CompressorSoundEffect in order to achive what you want


A number from 0.1 to 1, default: 0.1
How long it takes for the effect to fully get applied when the volume is louder then the treshold


A number from 0 to 5, default: 0.1
How long it takes for the effect to go away if the volume is lower than the treshold


A number from -80 to 0, default: 0
The volume when the effect starts getting applied