How do I make an animated GUI appear right before a new race starts

Hi, beginner scripter here, I usually build for a kart game but I’ve decided to make a countdown animation. I could ask the owner to do it for me, but I would rather get some experience on this topic.
Anyways, I just need to find out how to make make the animation start everytime a new race starts. Any help would be appreciated

Use a remoteevent. So fire the server when the race starts and the script will also do something when its fired.

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So, is there any way to hide it when you first join the game

Of course, clone the gui when the event fires and keep it hidden until then.

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You could use a bool value and lets say have a var named race if race its true then make the gui do something if not then it wouldn’t do anything, here is a code example for better understanding.

local Race = false -- false is the default state for this example

local function DoGuiStuff()
    -- do stuff

if Race then
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