How do I make an animation remember the part's position?

Hi there!

I’m trying to make a crouch script and I just want to know how I can make the animation “freeze” in the crouched position? Currently I’ve got a good animation which crouches down, however as soon as the animation is over, the humanoid snaps back to the original position.

On top of that, is it better to have one animation which does both crouch entry and crouch exit in one, or two separate animations (one for entering and one for exiting)

Any help is appreciated, I’m not good with animations.

Can you send an example about what you mean?

Personally not experienced with animations at all, but I believe this thread has a similar problem and solution:

I believe you can test it out yourself which one looks smoother and such. The pros of one animation is definitely you don’t need to manage and load an extra animation instance.

Worked perfectly, thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I’ve decided to use one animation and just have the “pause” keyframe in the middle of the animation.