How do I make an image for my part?

I know those images where you get the thumbnail n stuff and you do everything manually but I saw this guy and I don’t know how he did it but he automatically got the image of a part (cube) and put it on to his gui when I was watching him make a “find the cubes” game.

He put the front of the cube on the gui without having to manually do it. I know he did it like this because the game was originally made in 20 minutes so it’s hard to take a picture and get it through moderation in the first 3 minutes.

So my main problem is how do I replicate this so I can get something similar to his?

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Im not sure if making this uses a script but this is what the cubes looked like in game:

I caught some details and it seems like if you rotate the part, it rotates the part in the gui too? Here is an example:

The reason for this is probably because the part in game is rotated so it matches that in a gui.

Use Viewport Frame

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I’ll check that out right now, thanks!

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Works great! Thanks for the help @mpc19801981

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