How do I make an NPC move on server script's command? (playing the animation)

Hi! I’m working on this story game right now. It’s good so far. My only problem is to make the NPC move on command. I haven’t added any scripts to it yet. I added stop points on where it should stop too. Any suggestions on how to animate it? (I want to use an R15 animation)

You can try using Roblox’s default Animation script. You can playtest your game, Grab the Animation script inside your Character and paste it inside the NPC. Another thing you could do is to look up for Animation IDs and modify them into the Animation script. (Ensure to also remove the Animation hook at the last part of it, As NPCs won’t chat anyway)

Thanks but what script should I apply when I want the NPC to walk to the target position?

Try this here:

I know how to make it move to a point. What I’m trying to do is play the animation when the NPC’s walking to that point.