How do I make Armory room less empty?

Hi! I am building an Armory for a commission, and It looks quite empty, can anyone suggest anything?

(guns are not going to be made by me)


M-maybe some weaponry would be nice. :joy:


I think they are being put in after by scripters, the lead developer said I will not be making the guns. (thank heavens) So it is probable another modeler will do that.

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I’d add some lockers, seats, and more racks then.


You could maybe add gun shelves/racks


Have you tried using reference images when building your armory room? If not they do come on handy when lacking on what to add next to fill in those important spaces.

You could try throwing in some (desk where you could put items on, boxes, wall/ floor shelves ect. The armory room looks rather large so it would be quite difficult to fill in those empty areas with details that doesnt fit what your going for. I would, definitely have images by your side of the things your trying to create.

Doing this will give you ideas on what to add next, it would supposedly be like a guide.


Hello! I have some ideas for you.

  • You should make the windows and take up more space, make the frames more bulky. Space is dangerous, and I think a space armory should have some protection too. (The pictures below are just to show you what I mean, and maybe give you an idea)

  • Make the floor look less like the walls, you could make the material diamond plate or some grime (as a texture).

  • Make the lights have edges, I think they would look really good with some edges.

  • Like the floor, I think it would be a good idea to make the ceiling different from the walls.

  • You could make the Wall by the windows have a support, I think it would look really good.

  • Finally, you should make the room have pipes, fans, and vents. I think that some vents and pipes would make it look better than it already is.

All in all cool build, I like the sloping inwards sides, I like the neon lighting, and the table in the middle. You should make the windows look less like ones in a house, maybe even use another shape? Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day! :grinning:


To make your armory room look less empty. Maybe you could add some decorations such as potted plants. When you add guns in maybe leave some leaning against the wall and some wanted posters will look nice if they are designed to suit the theme. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of the armory.

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Hey uh I finished the map one and I no longer can edit the file as I am working on map two so I would like no more replies, thanks for your contributions!