How do i make boat turn

i have a boat that works (most of the time) but theres just one problem, it can’t turn properly. I’m using AlignOrientation to turn and LinearVelocity for the movement

local Boat = script.Parent
local Seat = Boat.VehicleSeat

local Engine = Boat.Engine

	local occupant = Seat.Occupant
	if not occupant then return end
	for _, v in occupant.Parent:GetChildren() do
		if not v:IsA('BasePart') then continue end
		v.Massless = true

	local steer = Seat.SteerFloat * Seat.TurnSpeed
	local throttle = -(Seat.ThrottleFloat * Seat.MaxSpeed)
	Engine.LinearVelocity.VectorVelocity =, 5, throttle)
	Engine.AlignOrientation.PrimaryAxis =, 0, steer)

Just use Torque | Roblox Creator Documentation to turn.
Just a suggestion, your video doesn’t show anything about the boat, just you spawning and running toward it. Try using Play Here instead of Play, or record your video when you are just about to jump in the boat.

forgot that existed, im gonna try to implement that. ill get back to you later

oh, i didnt notice that, sorry about that.

thank you. it works beautifully

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