How do I make camera manipulation like this?

Does anyone know how I could make camera manipulation such as the one in forgotten memories? I like how cinematic it is and I want to know how to replicate it.

I know basically nothing about camera manipulation

heres an example of what I am trying to achieve

If someone could explain how this could be achieved I would greatly appreciate it!

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I highly recommend looking at the documentation, here are some important links:

Thanks for the reply. The main thing I dont understand is how to move the camera but still have it follow the player.

Do you mean to say First Person View or do you want the camera to sway.

You can’t necessarily have both Roblox and your camera script running at the same time, however, you could mimic Roblox’s camera script by either copying the Roblox camera scripts and putting them in StarterPlayerScripts, and editing those files’ code, which overrides the base code, or you can make a new camera script, which may be easier as you wouldn’t need to understand Roblox’s code.

To make your own code you could make a client script, that gets RunService which has the function RenderStep. Then you can have a function that sets the CFrame of the Camera to the CFrame of the Player’s Head, and then when the mouse moves, the character faces a new direction based of the mouse movement. We can achieve this with UserInputService. First, we lock the mouse with MouseBehavior property, and then use GetMouseDelta (The page also has a Camera script example), which gets mouse movement when the mouse is locked. And lastly, we can also achieve leaning or shaking by just editing the camera CFrame slightly.

LockFirstPerson in StarterPlayer :

Edit :
The last part is useful sorry didnt read it.

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The way the camera sways when moving in first person view.

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