How do I make cylindrical constraint tilt like rod?

From this:

To this:
(not an actual cylindrical constraint)

I tried fiddling with its properties, but I can’t seem to make it happen
I’ve seen some carts do it but I don’t know how it works

Help is appreciated

Like a rod constraint?

Or do you want one side to not be able to rotate while the other can?

Yeah like a rod constraint with the slider

Then you could do something like

Bottom part

Cylindrical constraint

hidden, massless and no collide part

Ball socket contraint or Universal constraint

Top part

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Here’s the front of the cart im working on, I want it to wobble left and right

Thank you, I’ll check this out

If you only want it to wobble and not go up and down you could do something like this instead

(where the yellow lines are both Cylindrical constraints)

(then you would probably also need more Cylindrical constraints from between the wheels to somewhere near the center of the cart so the wheel base won’t turn)

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