How do i make fridge door move left and right when player moves? (Back accessory)

I’m making a game that’s food related. When you join my game the fridge will be the default back accessory.

I want the fridge door to be reactive to the environment. So if the player turns left the fridge door slightly moves right and vice versa. Not too sure where to start. Is this something you build, script or animate?

So far I tried to use the hinge attachment but didn’t get the desired result. I’ve attached a concept I want to achieve.

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Try using a joint(Motor6D) from the part closest to the character to the door i recommend using a plugin for it Personally i use this: Rig Editor - Roblox (oh yea you need a humanoid in the fridge model to edit it but after youre done you can remove the humanoid and dont forget to edit the joints to the correct position

Then tween the C1’s orientation to the fully opend one

the tween code should look like this

	script.Parent.Door.Joint, --The Joint
		5, --Open time
		Enum.EasingStyle.Sine, --The easing style
		Enum.EasingDirection.Out --The direction of the tweening (id personaly use Out or InOut)
			math.rad(-165), --Edit the 165 to the amount of dagrees it shall open and if it opens inverted then remove the -

a screenshot after the tween:

Appreciate the detailed info. I’ll look into it!

I kinda didnt read the description, that wont work, sorry.