How do I make GUI's Mobile Friendly

I own a group and we have GUI’s. Our GUI’s looks amazing on PC but when you join on Moblie is not the same. How can I make them similar?

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The mobile device has fewer pixels and it will probably never look the same as on a PC

Edit: But you can make different GUIs that will look better on a mobile device

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Here is how the UI’s looks on Moblie:

On PC:

I don’t know how to set it on mobile I’m sorry
I thought you meant the GUI appearance

No worries! I would like to thank you for trying to assist me!

I personally use @ZacBytes’s AutoScale Lite plugin. It’s easy to use and will allow you to scale UI elements for all devices.


Now I know how to fix it without plugins but do you still need help??

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I am very interested in hearing this solution that’s why I came to this post, I actually saw the plug-in prior to searching for this result; please do share!

Hi, you came 2 years late, but I can provide you with some assistance. In a UI, you have the Scale & the Offset. These are both very important.


The Scale is how big you want it to be, however, when you first go into studio, it is put into the offset. Offset is what causes the UI to be different on all screens, which is what you do not want. That is why when you go into a game and want to make a UI, you need to make the offset on the X and Y 0 before you do anything with it. Once you do that, you can scale it and it will be the same on all screens.

Without Offset (my device):

Without Offset (random tablet):

Hope I helped!


Thank you,

I can now deploy this to all my old UI’s!

I’ll also ensure this is how my design for UI’s is approached inside Roblox studio!

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