How do i make imagelabel scroll?

Basically i want to make an imagelabel GUI that is scrolling.
How do i do this using scripts?

there isnt any possible way to “spawn” a imagelabel scroll but you can make a scrollingframe and also a imagelabel in the same position and just make the transparency of the scrollingframe to 1 like this:

local GUI ="ScreenGui", game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui)

local scrollingframe ="ScrollingFrame", GUI)
local imagelabel ="ImageLabel", GUI)
scrollingframe.Position =, 0,0.363, 0)
imagelabel.Position =, 0,0.363, 0)
scrollingframe.Size =, 460,0, 250)
imagelabel.Size =, 460,0, 250)
scrollingframe.BackgroundTransparency = 1
imagelabel.BackgroundTransparency = 1
imagelabel.ZIndex = 0
scrollingframe.ZIndex = 1

and you can also simply change the image by doing this:

imagelabel.ImageId = "rbxassetid://imageidhere"

sorry if i were too uninformative with the issue, what im trying to do is make the image scroll automatically.

so is it possible to make the GUI scroll automactically usuing these scrollingframes?

with scrollingframes you can scroll by holding your left mouse button or using the mouse button 3 which is between left and right mouse button but im not so sure if its possible

if you meant anything else can you maybe show me a video of how it looks like?

it should look like the background here, sorry if its hard to see.

i want it to be similiar to this but only vertically.