How do I make it rain spaghetti?

Greetings, fellow developers!

I have a question that has been bugging me for a while now. Is it possible to make it rain spaghetti in my Roblox game? I’ve tried using the ParticleEmitter function to emit spaghetti particles, but they just fall straight down and don’t look very realistic. Do you guys have any ideas on how I can make it rain spaghetti and make it look like the spaghetti is actually falling from the sky?


local spaghetti = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("Spaghetti")

while true do
  local spaghettiParticle ="ParticleEmitter")
  spaghettiParticle.Texture = ""
  spaghettiParticle.Lifetime =
  spaghettiParticle.Rate = 1000
  spaghettiParticle.RotSpeed =, 200)
  spaghettiParticle.VelocityInheritance = 1
  spaghettiParticle.Acceleration =, -50, 0)
  spaghettiParticle.Enabled = true
  spaghettiParticle.Parent = spaghetti

Create a part with cancollide and use the debris service to clean it up after a few seconds.


You know that this is not what I want!

How about particle flipbooks? That might make it look more realistic.

I would use a custom mesh model instead of a particle emitter. It will look much better.
Here is a good tutorial on how to make meshes in Roblox Studio.

And what would happen to the first code you posted? Screw up and make a new one? Because I believe you can re-use for this context…

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