How do i make it so i cant unequip tools but i can switch tools

i want it so i can’t unequip a tool but i can switch to a different tool


Please share your code so we can help.

wdym like hold multiple tools at once??

I got 3 tools
i cant unequip one and have nothing equipped
but i can change to a different tool


i see so like in arsenal u cant have no weapon for that i think its best that u make ur own equipment system its rather ezy depends on what ur making so pls tell us what kinda game this is for

You need to share your code so that we can help you. I’m not sure you can do that anyways.
He wants 2 tools equipped at once.

You need to share your code with us.

your not making any sense??
i don’t have any code for the system
idk how to make the system

I can’t just spoon-feed code to you but here is an example:

local PlayerTools = {"Knife", "Pistol", "Sniper"} -- Let's just say that they have the "Pistol" right now

When the player unequips one tool, the next one will be equipped, so:

-- Player unequips tool
local CurrentTool = "Sniper"

Basically it iterates through the tools they have and picks the next one in line.


this is literally what i was saying shouldve elaborated more lol

I am not sure if you can do that with the default Roblox backpack (unless you equip every time someone unequips). But if you disable the backpack CoreGui, you can make your own one. And since the backpack folder still exists, you can use UserInputService or ContextActionService to detect when the player tries to switch tools (e.g. presses 1 or 2) and equip (using Humanoid:EquipTool(tool)) if it’s the tool is not equipped already. And just don’t add a way to unequip.


@benraupp123 Do you want the tool to be equipped from spawn or just when the player equips it, they can’t unequip it.