How do I make it so that tools always in front of the screen?

You should see that it is not in the correct spot, is there a script that modifies the grip property inside the tool?

Just change the property manually?

When I move my camera around, it won’t be in the right place (in front of camera), I want it to behave like when you hold an item in Minecraft

Will you always be in first person?

Sometimes, I can add a check myself

If you are in first person your whole character turns around

My tool move with me in the X, Z direction but not Y direction

That would mean you need to make the arms go up when player looks up

I don’t think I know how to do that

Or you could try to offset the tool

Could you maybe give me the approach to code something like that?

I founded the solution:

local m = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
local char = script.Parent
local c = game.Workspace.CurrentCamera

while task.wait() do
	char.Torso["Right Shoulder"].C0 =,0.5,0) * CFrame.Angles(-math.asin((m.Origin.p - m.Hit.p).unit.y),1.55,0)
	char.Torso["Left Shoulder"].C0 =,0.5,0) * CFrame.Angles(-math.asin((m.Origin.p - m.Hit.p).unit.y),-1.55,0)
	char.Torso["Neck"].C0 =,1,0) * CFrame.Angles(-math.asin((m.Origin.p - m.Hit.p).unit.y) + 1.55,3.15,0)
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