How do I make it so the player's team doesn't change their chat text color?

I have a game that is roleplay-oriented and has a lot chatting. I also have a few teams in the game. If a group of players is on the same team, and is trying to chat, it doesn’t look very good and it’s hard to see who is who at a glance, since everyone on the team has the same chat text color.

I would like to make it so the player’s team doesn’t change the color of their chat text. I tried to copy the module scripts from the chat service and mess around with them. I was only able to make it so all players had a white chat color, which wasn’t my goal.

I want players to retain their default chat colors regardless of what team they’re on. I am not sure what I need to change in the module scripts to achieve my goal.


You are on the right track!

(Ctrl + Shift + F) search for “team” in all scripts. I’m sure you are aware but to get these scripts you can run the game and find them under “PlayerScripts”

Replace that with this code! We no longer need to check if the player exists or if they have a team.

local function GetNameColor(speaker)
	return ComputeNameColor(speaker.Name)

Thank you so much. This is a very big quality of life improvement to my game! :slight_smile: