How do I make it so when a player dies they spectate another player instead of respawning?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    When you die, instead of just respawning at a SpawnLocation/SpawnPoint, you won’t, you’ll be spectating a random player in the game.,when%20players%20join%20the%20game

Set the CharacterAutoLoads property to false on the server like this:

game.Players.CharacterAutoLoads = false

Then load the player in when you want them to load in

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Firstly you’d want to disable the setting under Players, called ‘CharacterAutoLoad’, so the character does not load in after they die.

You’d then want to write a LocalScript once a character dies, modifying their CurrentCamera (in the workspace) - by firstly changing the camera type and then camera subject.

Finally, once you have done both of these, you can then manually load the player by firing a remote event that loads the players’ character.

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