How do i make kill feed gui like phantom forces

using string i guess image here example

anyone can teach me how?

In a server script that is connected to your gun system when a hit remote is done to detect damage. You have to detect if the player is at 0 or under 0 health. Then you just find out what player ran the damage remote (basically shot the gun) that killed the person and find out the following about the player:

  1. What gun they are using
  2. What team they are on
  3. The magnitude between the players.

After you have found out this information you just fire all clients of all the players in the game with the information I said above and then get a local script on the clients to format that data into the picture you sent.

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how can i make this working?i really dont know much XD

Im not going to do that for you because I would take quite a lot of work but it general you just have to transfer data using things called remotes.

Can you show us your gun code? That might help a bit.

Yeah that would help. If you do actually have some gun code that is.

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ummm probably im using fe gun kit

incase FE Gun kit Viewmodel cannot be mixed with another script like killfeed
it just broke and there is no way to do that expect if it’s in ReplicatedStorage or somewhere else

FE Gun kit Viewmodel is NOT all in one