How do I Make Listing UIs?

I want to know how to make UIs that list, like an inventory that updates the position of items when an item is added or removed.

I don’t want the full code, I just need someone to point me in the right direction.

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Maybe check out this

Thanks for the link, it will definitely help me into the future. However, that was not the answer to the question I was asking.

If you want it to update an item’s position then add a UI Grid or a UI ListLayout inorder to do this. You don’t need a script to do so.

Heres an example file which uses Ui grids and Ui lists. They automaticly update the position of objects in UI. If you have any questions then say below. You also dont need a script to do this!
Ui list and Ui grid.rbxl (37.1 KB)

Could you explain how they work? Or is there maybe a page on the Dev hub about them?

They auto position them. So a UI list. Auto makes the objects into a list from, the objects can have any size you want, but not position. A UI grid makes the objects have a certain size and instead of a list puts them in a grid. Also try opening up the file I sent. It’s a better visualization.

Ui list:

Ui Grid:

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Thanks, I’ll try this later and I will follow up if any further problems/questions arise.