How do I make loading gamepasses and clothes as efficient as "PLS DONATE"?

How do I make it as efficient as this game PLS DONATE :money_with_wings: - Roblox?

I’m currently using Roproxy Lite and a modified version of someone’s code

The way the gamepasses and clothes loaded in the game is lightning fast and it’s probably to do with how they coded their proxy server but idk how web codes work so I need some tutorials on how to make my own code fon Roproxy Lite


I haven’t been into this area of programming before, so I can’t provide a very detailed reply. However, I can suggest you take a look at those YouTube videos that give a tutorial on how to make a game like “PLS DONATE”.

I am a web developer, and making a proxy is a bit complex.
I don’t think I can explain you how it works through devforum.

(“Roproxy wont work anymore” by that line i meant roproxy devs stopped working on it)

Also to make it fast, you have to get a better host and make sure to send less requests to the back end.

I don’t seem to find the post that I’ve posted on how to make custom proxy, Ill edit this post as soon as I find it. (Found it) you only have to change few stuffs.

you can contact me on discord if you have any issue.