How do I make low-poly style builds in roblox studio?

Hello peeps! I want to learn to make low-poly style builds in roblox studio.

I’ve always made my models and my low-poly builds in blender. I’ve tried making in roblox studio. But it seems to not work. :confused:

I need ideas/suggestions/ways to make low-poly style builds in roblox studio, No blender, No c4d, No nothing but roblox studio

I have no idea how people build nicely low poly style in roblox studio only using parts.

I need settings on how to, plugins. Anything that would help me in making low-poly styled made in roblox studio only. Here are some examples of what I tried doing!


I don’t think make low-poly will be easy without blender or anything else than the studio, Maybe try to make large detailed models with the same scale, and try to reduce the model after, I don’t know how to help you more. good luck


Set the model to smooth plastic and 0. 2 reflectance. Too achieve your model you’ll need to know how too Union and negate. First check your studs and rotation are at 0. 1. Then try resize the cylinder so it fits in and blends in together. Then negate the parts that are sticking out. Finally try, union all of this at the end.


I think the best option for you is to use the plugin “Triangle Terrain”. Atleast that makes it low-poly lookalike.

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I will use that in the future! Thanks!

I will be sure to use that setting!

I understand what you are going through, it’s been a struggle to work with. I use certain plugins and building styles, and they help me achieve my goal. The solution works fine, but here are a few suggestions.

Low-poly Terrain

You can find a good plugin to help you create low-poly terrain here. Everything is self-explanatory, just remember to make all the blocks 100% transparent.

Custom Low-poly Shapes

The ‘cylinder’ you tried creating was a mashup of multiple blocks. I learned this trick a few years ago with another builder for this studio (I had old accounts). This is an example with the spheres
Low-poly creations.rbxl (557.6 KB)

Some other things I recommend to you: SBS, a useful plugin for low-poly creations, and it’s good to have in general :wink:. I hope this helped a bit, and good luck.


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