How do I make maneuvering?

I am trying to make a roblox ODM gear system. So far, I have got the grapple where if you press q or e you move towards whatever you are hooking on. However, in odm systems if you hold A or D you can maneuver left or right based on where you hooked. I don’t know how to achieve this at all. - Example of what I mean
How it is right now;


Sorry for the bump just have yet to get some help on this.

soo, don’t make it on the rope base, or if you really vvan’t to do this, add velocity to player it’s old function that helps, you have to do some stuff vvith trajectory, but this might help you

This didn’t really help.

Don’t know what you are implying. I am currently using alignposition to move them and alignorientation to rotate them to look towards the hook.

oh!, soo you wan’t to add velocity to HRP (velocity is part property not object) and change it basically on inputs

Do you have some code or references so I can learn how to do this?

velocity is property of every part, that can be accesed by script

what he is saying is that every basePart has something called AssemblyLinearVelocity

This is a case of me using it in a script

hrp.AssemblyLinearVelocity  = v.CFrame.LookVector * 55

so what this line does is that if you touch a portal part it will knock player back, no matter which side you touch it from it will knock player wherever the portal hitbox is facing.

I am not very sure if AssemblyLinearVelocity will be useful in your case, probably something like bodyVelocity is better. (However,I am not 100% certain)

I am also trying to make an aot game from scratch lol and it’s kinda difficult to figure all these stuff out :slight_smile:

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