How do i make many different grass color decoration in roblox studio

I mean how can i make changing terrain color script but that effects to the grass color.
I need this because ı am going to add biomes to my project so ı need to put different colors of grass decoration.

Sadly at the moment there is no way to do this. All you can do is add shadows and play around with the lighting. I’m sure if you had trees casting shadows in a forest or adding tons of PointLights inside of a grass land, you could make the color of the grass look different.

Do you know , ı just guessed that this is impossible , but ı just suppose that ı saw this thing in a game but ı am not sure its true , maybe its not , ı just thinking wrong ,

Wait can you tell me this thing for more detailed?

you can use a local script that changes the color of the grass for the layer that reaches the next biome

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