How do i make metal, normal maps into on single image texture?

Hello! I want to get the result of these maps into one single image texture.

I think its possible if you look at this item on the market Metal Skull - Roblox

In Blender, go to Render tab. You need to use Cycles to bake textures. Select the object you want, the same image node in each material that you want to bake, and the UV map that you want to use. Then you want to set up your lighting, select “Combined” from the bake type, and wait for your image to bake. If I haven’t been detailed enough or you don’t feel confident only reading instructions, Ryan King Art has a great, easy-to-follow tutorial (that’s how I learned). One thing you need to note is that he turns disables lights from baking with the texture, which effectively removes all baked lighting and leaves you only with the diffuse map.

If you’re not looking to bake textures to make it look metallic, you’re going to have to wait until Roblox releases PBR support for UGC.

If your model is a surface-appearanced MeshPart in Roblox and you just want to have an ARM map, Roblox doesn’t support those. You will need separate diffuse, normal, roughness, and metallic maps.

Hello! It might be an misunderstanding from my or your side. (im not sure) I watched the vid and also looked at what you said. But this just gives me many maps. I already have all the maps on the same uv but I want to make them into ONE single image texture that I can use on a roblox UGC.

Any answer is appreciated! :smiley:

Selecting “Combined” and baking to a single texture bakes all the lighting, and when the lighting is done right, can have the shiny metallic effect (like on the skull head UGC). Do that instead of baking separate diffuse, metallic, normal, and roughness maps.

I followed the tutorial and selected “combined” in baking options. But it still only bakes like the normal map? I want one image texture that looks like the metal but like a still image. For ugc

Something must be wrong with what you’re doing. Combined doesn’t bake a normal map. Try instead selecting Diffuse with all lighting contributions?

Okay is there any other maps that cant be baked? Also I was using substance painter for this one maybe I can export it from there? If you have substance painter

I don’t use Substance (because it’s paid of course). I suggest asking this question on r/blender on Reddit. It’s more of a blender question anyways.

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