How do I make my game even darker to fit the horror theme for my game

Hi i need help with how I could make my game even darker I already made the brightness to 0 and the clock time all the way down but I don’t think it’s quite dark enough yet


i guess change the contrast up a lil.
color correction darker

Lighting.Ambient shades indoor areas darker.

Just try playing around and experimenting with the properties of Lighting.

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Sure I will try it out and see the outcome :slight_smile:


pretty strange that you didn’t look nicely into lighting properties, ambient is just underneath brightness, fog for example

Thanks for the tip I should go check it out

I agree with @Dan_Ronity. ColorCorrection would do the trick.

Turn your screen brightness down, that’ll make it a lot darker. Or you can turn your monitor off, but that might be too dark…

Insert a ColorCorrectionEffect into Workspace > Lighting and turn down the brightness

Find a night sky, then add a colorcorrection effect and set tintcolor to 0,0,0.

So we all agree using color correction right ?

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