How do I make my game look aesthetically pleasing?

Subject: Seeking Tips for Aesthetic Game Design (About my game: The Investigation )


I’m working on a detective-ish game and I need some help on making it visually appealing. I’ve made a few points on how to make it appealing, but I’m unsure on how to do it correctly, in a way that would make it look aesthetically pleasing, and really fit the detective-theme which I’m going for.

  1. UI Design: How to balance functionality and aesthetics in UI design?
  2. Animation: Best practices for enhancing the visual experience without overwhelming players?
  3. Environment Design: Balancing that detective-style realism and general stylization tips?
  4. Lighting and Shading: Recommendations for achieving appealing lighting effects?
  5. Iterative Design: Effective methods or tools for refining visual aspects?

On top of that, I do know my own abilities, which are quite limited. But I do have some fundings, how much of those fundings should I use into making it look aesthetically pleasing? My whole development crew bailed on me, so I’m all alone on this one, which is why I’m asking you.

Thanks, for your interest, I’m looking forward to your replies.

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I like the music, but loading screen is too long. It is too squarish, but if you want to keep that style look at maybe deepwoken for inspiration (or robuilder if you want to change)

maybe use a different font? idk aboiut this one

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About the loading screen, the current one is just a placeholder I found on DevForum. But thanks for the inspiration on the actual one, I’ll make that one later on.

I Had a Little Shot The Game Seems Alright I Would Recommend Adding More To The Lobby And Using Particles Effects To Make It look More Pleasing (Mabey add Dust Inside Or Add a leaking Pipe) Also I Think the Party UI Doesn’t Match The Rest Of The UI In The Game Mabey Make The Party UI More Dark And Gritty. I Like The NPC Dialog But The Bottom Bar In The UI Is Too Far Up so I can See A Little Gap Behind The Bar Other Than That The Game Looks Okay, Also Mabey Make It Night Time and Add Lights Around.

remove spawnpoint decal and make baseplate grass

The thing I find quite annoying is the fact that the dialogue is so slow and that you can’t really skip/cancel it; and I found some grammatical errors in the dialogues such as “return to here” and “return me”