How do I make my game more popular?

Greetings, I released a new Roblox game to find out when I got back from school it flopped Day 1.

I also did sponsors as well, 2000 robux to be exact, however the game still flopped.

In order for my game to be playable, you must have at least 2 players.

How can I fix this and make my game popular? I got good feedback saying “I can see this getting popular”, but it didn’t happen.

Thanks in advance, sincerely Will


As a dude who has not released a full game before, I cant say much. But from what ive seen, sponsored ads do little if nothing to boost popularity of games.

From what little experience I have though I would recommend posting on tiktok. There are millions of children all with friends who im sure would love to build battle against them.

its worth a shot :man_shrugging:

Here’s a post I made. It’s pretty useful!