How do I make my gun system compatible on all platforms?

So I have a projectile system which players enable by clicking on a button and then clicking where they want to fire. This system works great one computer, but I am not so sure about mobile. For mobile, players will keep firing whenever they try to look around, and xbox might not be as good either. I want my gun system to work on every platform. If I could change it so the button is the thing that makes the projectile fire, I can. But then mobile gets the advantage and computer has a hard time firing. Is there anyway I can fix this?

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XBox compatibility wont be much of an issue as XBox users can fire the gun regardless. All you’d have to do is implement UserinputService for the XBox buttons to reload/holster. For mobile users, you can make an option to set the gun on “safety” with a text button. As well as including a text button to reload for the gun.