How do I make my hallway's look nicer?

Alright, so I’m making a game with an industrial/commercial interior theme.


However, I think that the hallways are a little boring and need more detail with them, but I do not know how to make them look better. I will welcome suggestions & feedback.


i think maybe you put carpet some of the patiens bed and also some npc


add posters, items/equipment, try making it short too.


Try adding a trash can maybe add some potted plants maybe add a window if the buildings above ground maybe add some signs to direct the player to different rooms maybe you do something like pinewood computer core and make color coded lines directing players to different rooms

I hope these suggestions help you with your hallway

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Fire extinguishers, they will help to make your place more real and will give nice contrast with the white walls. Maybe some pillars to break the geometry of the wall could also help


Adding things onto the walls would greatly help this build. Keep up the good work!


Custom textures! The white plastic material on the floor and the walls make them look like one big piece of plastic. Try out some of the built in materials. Concrete for example would make a nice wall texture if colored right. You can also experiment with custom textures.


There are a numerous amount of things you can add to your build! Circuit Breaker, Fire Extinguisher, so many things! I’d recommend you fill it with as much things as you can without it looking clustered. What I think would make your build really POP is adding some piping on the ceiling, it just adds more of an industrial feel to it. Overall, your build looks amazing! Keep up the great work!


Truly, your build is to be in fact incredible. I would lile to suggest something to make your hallway better,
I prefer you add some posters or bulletin boards on the wall to make it more lively rather than dull.
It’s also recommendable to place a building directory board to let the person know which part of the building he is in.


Instead of having the hallway a flat square, you should add some pillars, and probably some other furniture and small decor for asymmetrical aesthetics. The hallway looks great though!

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I’d suggest adding posters, and some pictures on the walls.
Some other thing’s you can add are:
• Fire extinguisher.
• Fire alarm.
• Carpet.
• Potted plants.
• Water dispenser.
I wish you the best of luck!

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Like many people have already said, having more objects on the walls would help a lot. I understand that there really isn’t much inside industrial hallways, things like plants and carpet would be better suited for an office environment or something less sterile. I would suggest adding tiles to the floors, in a shade slightly darker than the walls. For the walls themselves I suggest adding more doors, not necessarily accessable but just there to give more depth. Perhaps incorporate some concrete material for slightly more realism. Also the lighting doesn’t seem great, the lights themselves seem to be off but the entire corridor is lit up. Great job on the ceiling though, I like it!.

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The walls do look at bit plane, as other people said. I’m not sure what could be on the walls of this industrial/commericial interior. You could do indents in the walls with some trophies, pipework. Not sure what kind of industrial game this would be but, it looks good. If you check out some of the popular SCP games, they have long hallways with some cool stuff around to distract you from the planeness of the walls.

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I have several ways you could do this.

  1. Change the color of your surface/spot/point lights to a color other then white, typically that adds an atmosphere. If you change the color of the surface light make sure you change the color of the part as well so it matches.

  2. In this hallway you might enjoy building with a reference rather similar to the style. I would recommend you googling “ArcCorp Star Citizen Riker Memorial Spaceport Interior.” This reference might appeal to the style of your hallway.

  3. If your game is a sci-fi facility, since I assume it is because of the “EVAC” sign, try using less hallways as long distance walking doesn’t appeal most people.

  4. Make small models that would fit with your game to place in the hallway. I really can’t recommend what models you should put since I don’t know more about your game, however, models can add more of a style to your game and make it seem more in-depth.

If you can give more information in a reply if you wish, I’ll be more then happy to give you suggestions.

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Maybe some Pipes? Or smaller details like mop bucket and mop, just some smaller stuff. a few small boxes? maybe even a stack of boxes?

I would add some more details on the floor and the walls, and maybe play around with the lighting to bring more depth

You did very well on the roof of the hallways, the botom and sides of the hallway look very bland and don’t have much detail doing on. I suggest adding the similar pattern/texture from the top to the bottom and, to add more detail in the wall with more signs labeling each place and where to go.