How do I make my map look better

Hi there,

I’m building this game where you spawn on the sidewalk and enter 1 building that I’ll later make. The issue here is that I cant make my builds look nice and modern. Right now it looks like this game is from 2013 or something. The house especially. Any ideas on how to make this look better? (The colours of the house are not final they r random)


Lighting is a huge part of builds, if you tweak lighting settings in the Explorer, you may arrive at a pretty good look. Enable shadows on any lights you have active, and use Future lighting system for a more realistic look.


First is Future, second is Compatibility, third is ShadowMap, and fourth is Voxel.


I will give that a try, I was thinking of making street lamps later on after I get the houses all done.


Add grass and tress, add low poly cars and also street lamps.


It’s a good start but, one of the biggest issues I observe here is that the house is significantly larger than the player. To address this, you can use a dummy as a reference to compare the size of your build to the player.

Here are some suggestions to make your build more appealing:

  • Ensure that the dimensions of your build accurately match the size of the player character.
  • Utilize the color wheel to select a cohesive color theme for your build.
  • Use studs as units of measurement to maintain proper proportions in your builds. I highly recommend setting your increments to: 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125, and so on.
  • Determine a specific theme or setting you intend to build before you begin to build. Ask yourself initially whether it’s a friendly town, a horror mansion, an inescapable prison with vigilant guards, or a facility with strict surveillance that isolates the player from the outside world indefinitely. Assuming you are building a town, add some benches, posts, fire hydrants, trees, etc.
  • Find reference images to gather inspiration for your builds. It can give you ideas that you can add to your build.

Using a dummy to compare the size of the player to a house:

Reference Images:

Using the color wheel

Roof types


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