How do I make my Mesh Texture in Blender solid?

After bisecting a R6 limb in Blender, the texture of the mesh also seems to change and not stay solid as it once was. Some areas of the mesh become darkened (this is not due to lighting, however). I’m unsure why this is caused. I’ve tried to go through some of the material’s properties to fix it, but it doesn’t fix the problem fully. Any help would be appreciated.

Right click the mesh and click Shade Flat.

No luck, but the problem is definitely with shading now that I look at it.

Select all the Faces and go into the Mesh tool drop down and (I think) in the Shading tool there’s a drop down that says something like Reset Normals. Try that.

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Thanks Scottify. It worked when the mesh used normal shading. The drop down was in Normals, but yea, resetting them seemed to do the trick.