How do i make my tool animations not rotate my tool along with my hand?

im not even gonna try to use the format

yeah so i basically want to make the tool not rotate with my hand because when it does rotate it goes sideways

To make your tool animations not rotate your tool along with your hand, you can set the Tool’s GripAttachment property to a part inside the tool that does not move with the animation. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. In the Explorer window, find the Tool that you want to modify and select it.
  2. In the Properties window, find the Grip property and expand it.
  3. Locate the GripAttachment property and click on it to select it.
  4. In the 3D Viewport, select the part of the tool that you want to use as the attachment point.
  5. Press the “Anchor” button in the Home tab of the ribbon menu to prevent the attachment point from moving with the animation.
  6. Save and test your tool to make sure it works as intended.

By setting the GripAttachment property to a part that does not move with the animation and anchoring it, the tool will remain in a fixed position in relation to the player’s hand and will not be rotated by the animation.

“GripAttachment” Is not a property within tools where did you get this from?