How do I make myself PBR texture's

How do I make PBR texture’s just like the creator of Rolling Thunder did himself without downloading the PBR texture’s from any website.

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Your best bet would be blender.


Heightmaps, reflection metadata and other stuff like that, there a bunch of good tutorials to get started; Creating a PBR textures from ONLY one image in blender - YouTube


Thank’s, but I also have another question, I have this website based normal map generator, but these names are different and I dont know which goes these into roblox PBR since they have different names

Could you please provide a link? I think I have a rough idea of what this means and it may have to do with the way Normal Maps are compressed with Roughness and Ambient Occusion maps but I want to be sure.

You can also use Materialize:
It’s a more streamlined process with simple but flexible controls that yields about the same results as well as allowing you to tile your own textures.

here you go NormalMap-Online

Specular goes into the Metalness Map slot, and the rest aren’t compatible with Roblox PBR so don’t worry about those.

Also a tip, some maps go by different names:

  • Roughness/Smoothness Map
  • Height/Displacement/Bump Map
  • Metalness/Reflective/Specular Map
  • Diffuse/Color Map

A software I use is called “Materialize” its a free unity project made by bounding box software that turns images into pbr! You can drag sliders to adjust settings and it has its own file type you can import and export for other purposes! Its really handy! Link to Materialize