How do I make particle emitters go in reverse?

I’m trying to make a particle emitter send particles into a part and not from it for a spell effect. I have found this forum topic which is what I’m trying to do, but it’s not working for me. I need to know what the settings of the particle emitter are to make it do that. I also found an old feature request but that doesn’t help either.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Read this page for more information. Also, my reply to the linked topic should be the solution. You may have a different property.

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I figured it out. I found this in the documentation. Apparently, when trying to make the effect, the particles originate at the edge of the part and move towards the center. That was the part that wasn’t explained, but it was in the video. You’re solution didn’t mention that either. Your video didn’t show the part because it was transparent, which lead to the confusion.

So my solution was to weld a large, transparent sphere to the NPC’s hand, then I got it to look the way that I needed it to. The sphere properties are no collisions, no touch, no query, and massless.

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Is not better use a “Beam” effect? :thinking:

I’m already using a beam effect.

You already solved the problem?

Yeah. That’s what my post says. I found the solution in a video in Roblox’s documents. Although not in the text, the video shows the particles originating from the outer edge of the part and moving towards the center. Look at the link.

if your question is fully answered, you should mark this as the solution

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