How do I make rocks pop out of the ground?

I want to make rocks pop out of the ground

Here is a reference of what I want to make.

Light skill This is not mine

I searched the developer hub, but couldn’t find any solutions. ‘part’

part.assemblylinearvelocity ?

What is that could you explain it to me?

I think you should do a little more searching or a little more practicing because this should be really easy to do. Rocky said something useful

To make a new part you would do

local part ="Part")
part.Size = "Size you want"
part.Position "Where you want it to spawn"
part.Color = "Whatever color you want"
part.Parent = "Whatever you want the parent to be" --This is needed to actually put the part in workspace

Then you could do:
part:ApplyAngularImpulse(“Whatever direction you want the part to go.”)

Make rocks somehow, and clone them. They put them in the floor and tween them out!

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I want a realistic effect I don’t want to rock to tween out.

You could tween their size on collision tho if you want realism or something like that

Oh I see! Get what was touched, either create or reference a ~2x2x2 stud brick and spawn them at the projectile hit point. Then add vecloty, naking sure to set network ownership to nil so that the rocks guaranteed get velocity. You can place the parts inside eachother.

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