How do I make smooth colour transitions on ColorShift_Top?

The title is self-explanatory I suppose; I tried to make a colour transition via TweenService, but, obviously not being a good or at least an adequate scripter in any way, I couldn’t make it. I didn’t pick any specific colours as of now, i just need to get the transition working first.

Could you share the code you’ve tried using so far? any errors? Maybe even a video of the issue you’re getting if it’s working but not quite what you were looking for?

You need to lerp.

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I deleted the initial code, but I found how it looked more or less:
tween = TS:Create(Part, Info, {Color =, 1, 0)})

the errors were about that I didn’t indicate the third instance, simply because I forgot to, and some other error about roblox failing to read the sixth line (the piece of code was on this one)

I could try to use that if I even knew what this is

I linked a video in my reply. Watch that.

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